Little Bleeders and LadBible: Can’t is not a word!

15th November 2018

Recently Alex Dowsett, joined forces with fellow haemophiliacs and mentors Jack Bridge and Scott McLean as well as LADbible to spread the message to young people with Haemophilia that there is no such word as ‘Can’t’.

So often young people are faced with the word ‘Can’t’ and this is especially true for young people with haemophilia. Young people with blood disorders are always told they can’t play sports or do any activity that can cause a risk of a bleed. However, Alex and the team from LADbible want to make sure that young people with haemophilia aren’t telling themselves they can’t but that they can!

“I was told I can’t play football, so instead of letting that hold me back I took up cycling and it became my passion,” said Alex. “If I gave up at the first hurdle, I don’t know where my life would have led, but I do know I would have never discovered my talent for cycling and the amazing career that I have today. What Jack, Scott and I want young people to get out of this campaign with LADbible is that while there may be some things they shouldn’t do with haemophilia there are so many other things they can, and that’s what they should be focusing on.”

The campaign with LADbible goes hand in hand with the messages and work at Little Bleeders, where we work to help and encourage young people with haemophilia to participate in sports and activities. With the correct guidance, equipment and knowledge young people with haemophilia can get involved in a wide variety of individual and team sports. The campaign also aims to get schoolmates and friends involved in encouraging their peers with haemophilia to get involved in sports and activities by educating them about blood disorders and removing stigmas surrounding them. 

“We are really excited to be working with LADbible on this campaign,” said Wil Woan, Director of Little Bleeders. “The more encouragement we can provide young people with haemophilia to get involved in sport, the better! Our motto is Move More, Be More and Alex, Jack and Scott embody that motto and spirit and are great examples of why for young people with haemophilia “can’t” shouldn’t even be in their vocabulary!”

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