Little Bleeders Partners with Free 2 Cycle

4th December 2018

As part of Little Bleeder’s mission to continually partner with agencies that promote sports and activities that can help support young haemophiliacs in their goals of being active and living their best life, we have recently begun working with Free 2 Cycle.

“Free 2 Cycle is an organisation that works to promote increased health and fitness by encouraging people to cycle more and helping to facilitate the activity.” Said Dominic Cotton, Engagement Partner at Free 2 Cycle.

Free 2 Cycle cyclists are provided with a bicycle of their choice and asked to pledge that they will cycle a certain number of miles based on the value of their bicycle. Sponsors (often employers) help the cyclist keep their bicycle by supporting them financially with their pledge. Free 2 Cycle helps to facilitate the exchange and provides support for the cyclist and their bicycle.

Once a cyclist has completed their milage requirements they are further incentivised to keep cycling by pledging their commuting miles and subsequent funding to a charity of their choice. Little Bleeders has recently signed on to be one of the sponsored charities that cyclists can choose to sponsor and we are very excited about this partnership.

“Free 2 Cycle epitomises our motto of ‘move more, be more’ as they encourage people to be more active and improve their health and fitness,” said Wil Woan, Director of Little Bleeders. “This partnership will help us to further our work encouraging young people with haemophilia to get involved in more sports like cycling.”

“Cycling is the perfect exercise for people with haemophilia as it is low impact and can be performed at different levels to suit the cyclist.” said Alex Dowsett, “It’s great that Free 2 Cycle is encouraging more people to get involved in the sport and is supporting young haemophiliacs too!”

To find out more about Free 2 Cycle visit their website here.

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