Spotlight on a Little Bleeder: Harry O.

25th January 2022
Taking a look at some of our Little Bleeder Youth Ambassadors who are showing the bleeding disorders community what they can do!
This is Harry, who is in his final year of primary school. Harry was interviewed and selected to be PE Ambassador for his school, alongside being a Little Bleeders Youth Ambassador. The role of the PE Ambassador in Harry’s school is to go into the younger years PE classes and assist with the teaching and encourage/motivate younger children to be enthusiastic about exercise.
Harry was a recipient of the LB Sports Fund in 2021 and credits swimming as a big reason why he’s able to manage his haemophilia, and why he’s enthusiastic about getting other little bleeders involved. He is currently working his way towards an Honors Grade in swimming which involves a time trial 1km swim. Harry is also in the school band so keeps busy with lots of practice. 
Way to go Harry, you’re an inspiration!

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