Little Bleeders Partners with Free 2 Cycle

As part of Little Bleeder’s mission to continually partner with agencies that promote sports and activities that can help support young haemophiliacs in their goals of being active and living their best life, we have recently begun working with Free 2 Cycle. “Free 2 Cycle is an organisation that works to promote increased health and […]

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Wil and Alex with Chris Evans

Little Bleeders Helps to Launch the 180 Haemophilia Report in Parliament

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Little Bleeders and LadBible: Can’t is not a word!

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Little Bleeders: A Look Back by Wil Woan


Introducing Harry Stephens, Little Bleeders Newest Trustee

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Little Bleeders featured in Media Planet by the Guardian

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Little Bleeders Roche Report Summary – Haemophilia 180: Taking control: 
A better future for younger patients with haemophilia

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Ambassador Georgia talks about her Cyclism Training – Blog 2

Georgia Young, Little Bleeder Ambassador

Ambassador Georgia talks about her Cyclism Training and her work with Little Bleeders

Alex Dowsett

Alex Dowsett Named Cycle Ambassador for Action Medical Research

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  • To round a week of walking to school, pick up a new activity this weekend. #Haemophilia shouldn’t stop you from being active.